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How does Pac Design work?

It's very simple. We create t-shirts for passion and fun. You purchase them, they arrive at your home by courier.

What kind of t-shirts is the PACDESIGN's ones?
Our basic products (ie before being printed) are born in Asia from certified suppliers "FAIR WEAR", a non-profit organization that strives to improve the conditions of workers in the textile industry.The cotton we use is organic, a choice that drastically reduces water usage, preserves the natural rhythms of crops and biodiversity.There is no use of GMOs and the result is a softer cotton, which can be felt directly on the skin.The certifications of our products are GOTS - OCS Blended - OCS 100 - OEKO TEX - A further guarantee of the real commitment of our suppliers towards the sustainability of the entire production chain ... from crops to the finished product.

How do we print the t-shirts?
Direct digital printing DTG (Direct To Garment): it is an innovative technique for printing personalized clothing. It provides high quality results very similar to traditional screen printing, but in this case the image is printed directly on the fabric with a high resolution printer that uses special inks.
The technique makes it possible to produce four-color and high-resolution prints of very complex images and drawings, in which you can appreciate the smallest details, shades, shadows and contrasts.

How can I find the right size for me?
A tip to avoid mistakes: take home the shirt that best suits your body. Mark the measurements (length / width / sleeves) and compare them with those shown in our tables. The one that comes closest to you is your bomb-proof size!
If you still have doubts about the size to be ordered, we recommend something wider than your classic fit.

How to wash the t-shirt to not ruin them?
Our advice is to wash the t-shirts upside down in water at 30°C degrees and do not let them dry in the dryer. Always better wash them in cold water (even better by hand, if you're home) and let them dry naturally.

Who designs your t-shirts?
All the t-shirts are created by designers from all over the world and that we will go to find on the net.

Do artists receive something?
Of course yes. Without them there would be no more fun or this site.
Designers receive a percentage for each t-shirt sold on Pac Design.

How can I send you a graphic and submit it to your attention?
Simple, use the button join us on the homepage!
We anticipate that we will try to focus on designers who will offer us a mini portfolio of graphics and that will reflect the creative lines of our company.

What kind of design do you want?
Difficult to say. We are curious and open to everything, but we do not deny being a bit 'cool, geek and pop, so be amazed!

Do you accept all the designs?
Absolutely not.
All the designs we receive are checked by our staff to find out if they can affect the trade on our site.
In case we should consider your design interesting, we will contact you immediately.

Which designs do not you want?
Designs that break any copyright will be immediately trashed because we have no interest in spending money in lawsuits.

What payment methods do you accept for the purchase?
Credit card
Bank transfer in advance

How can I contact you?
For any problem, suggestion but also a compliment, all you have to do is go to the contact section.
We will try to be quick and quick to respond. Are you polite? We give you priority!