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Design story

Pac Design is born from a passion for t-shirts and fashion. We love graphics, TV shows and design But also stupid phrases, tormentons, good music and everything that makes us happy. We are a team of young people under 30 who collaborate with designers from all over the world. Our headquarter is in a small village in Northern Italy, where we deliver everywhere our creations, designed and printed with taylor passion.


Respect the environment together with every living being around us to preserve it for future generations. This is sustainability! Our basic products (before being printed) are born in Asia by certified FAIR WEAR suppliers, a nonprofit organization that strives to improve the conditions of textile fabric workers. The cotton we use is organic, a choice that drastically reduces water usage, preserves the natural rhythms of crops and biodiversity. There is no use of OGM so the result is a softer cotton that you can be felt directly on the skin. Certifications of our raw material are GOTS - OCS Blended - OCS 100 - OEKO TEX -a further guarantee of our suppliers' true commitment to the sustainability of the entire production chain...from crops to finished products.

about pac design

An average age of thirty, a group of heterogeneous people who together form a reactive, creative and irreverent team. We started this adventure about 10 years ago, almost as a game, because we liked to "draw our t-shirts". Then we realized we could improve, especially we wanted to share this passion with as many people as possible, creating a real network. The new release of the PAC DESIGN website aims to give to the public a quality product, both in product and graphic. For this reason, we have chosen the best ready t-shirts of the market, which are sustainable and certified. That's also why we strictly control the artworks we receive from Italy and world. Whether you are, a graphic designer, stylist, or passionate designer, you will find here a community where you can confront, share, dialogue, collaborate and give life to your work through the most direct social channel of all: the T-shirt!